Laser-Scan Engineering Ltd

Laser-Scan (LSE) is a provider of Global Technical Support Services and Bespoke Integration Solutions. We provide well-trained, multi-disciplined, international support technicians who undertake many activities including installation, preventative maintenance regimes, diagnostics and problem rectification; making global support of complex and specialist digital imaging systems a practical reality for the banknote printing industry. LSE-engineered solutions are also in daily use around the world, adding a layer of customised integration to aide specialist product manufacture.

Laser-Scan Scientific

Laser-Scan Scientific is Laser-Scan’s special project and new product development arm of the business. We carry out both software and hardware development programmes working with our customers to solve their production problems and innovate more efficient and effective processes and tools. The case studies are designed to provide insight into the activities of this group and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss potential projects so please don’t hesitate to contact us if what you see is of interest.

Laser-Scan International

Laser-Scan International, Inc. (LSII) provides support services to the commercial prepress industry in North America and Canada. The primary focus is the support of Lüscher plate setters and support services for these systems both new and old are fully endorsed by the manufacturer. Laser-Scan’s business partnership with Lüscher both in commercial and security printing means that the full resources of the parent factory are available to provide a solid foundation for this support work.

An example of this is the bespoke Laser-Scan flow-line software used in the production of cartographic charts in New Zealand. Examples of these and other services & products can be found under the case studies section of Laser-Scan Scientific.