Depth measuring system

Introduction | Automatic depth measuring system for security intaglio printing plates

cs2BWIn the modern security printing industry intaglio printing plates are now generated by direct laser engraving by use of the KBA NotaSys’ CTiP system. This system engraves full-size polymer plates to be used in the galvanic process to generate the final printing intaglio plate. These plates are engraved with a maximum depth of 160 microns and have a tight tolerance of +/-just a few microns. The polymer plates are black and as measurement has to be very accurate high-end digital microscopes has to date been the most practical way of checking engraving depths. The disadvantage with these systems is that they are very expensive and can be cumbersome to use.

Laser-Scan scientific have developed a purpose built automatic measuring tool based around a commercially available laser distance sensor. The sensor is moved across a target by x and y linear stages and the data it collects is processed using software written in house specifically for the task. This unit provides a cost-effective and automatic tool to enable effective quality control on direct laser engraved polymer plates. Read our Depth Measuring Report

Case Study




The development process

It becomes apparent to Laser-Scan’s Field service technicians that current methods of measuring (CTiP engraved) Intaglio plates is proving problematic for customers unwilling to invest in high-end digital microscopes.

  • Laser-Scan identifies and tests an appropriate sensor
  • Laser-Scan builds a test jig to prove the concept
  • The prototype is then used to gather perspective customer comment
  • The second prototype is then built and with an updated version of the software was sent to interested prospective customers for them to evaluate.

  • Finally a production version is made available for purchase.

Production information

This project is now in its final stage and a production version will soon be available for purchase. If you have any interest in this project or others on the website please feel free to contact us for an update and comment.