LINZ Project

Introduction | LINZ Project

csLinzLand Information New Zealand (LINZ) is a New Zealand government department responsible for mapping and a variety of other functions. The first part of this project is for the Topo 50 series of maps. They are single sided documents approximately 950mm X 650mm. They are made up of 10 separate graphic images that need to be placed in various positions on he sheets. They need trim marks, colour bars and identification details to aid with production. The system needs to be easily expanded for other products in due course.


Close Brief

A System is needed for the output and proofing of Maps. This should be automated and convenient.
It should support templates to enable maps to share the same layout
System should generate new source files automatically
Customer should be able to easily add new Maps
The user interface should be easy to use and work with map names to avoid errors.
Error logging and user information is desirable
Ability to add colour bar, text and corner points


Map key in Postscript from corel Draw
Graphic images in Laser-Scan Postscript format.


Computer to plate (spot colour separations for printing the maps)
Combined TIFF, PDF and GeoTIFF for on screen viewing and quality control
Combined Proof to large format printer
Single sided document


User interface, map name, destination, priority, date, queue monitoring, Login, administration and job cancel
Map name and configuration to be stored in an excel spread sheet to allow easy maintenance
Dynastrip automation provides interface for designing layouts, add colour bar, text and corner points.
Micro torrent Rip, with Printer, TIFF and PDF Plugin
Bespoke control Application, with error logging, user login, Lamps 2 interface to automatically generate source files
Graphical interface for easy placement of images when designing a new chart Layout.
Implementation | LINZ Project





Developer interface enables prepress system to produce source file automatically when required



Bespoke control Application, with error logging



Web interface showing Input of Chart name, Output device and priority



Web User interface, chart name, destination, priority, date and queue monitoring



DynaStrip – Graphical interface for easy placement of images when designing a new Map Layout. Also allows addition of colour bar, text and corner points. Layouts can be used as a template so that multiple maps can use the same layout.